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Pupcake Confections: Small Business Spotlight and Discount! [INTERVIEW]

Today’s Small Business Spotlight highlights Pupcake Confections, a new bakery for dogs started by Victoria Vargas, a pastry chef in Miami, Florida. Victoria sent Henry a box of goodies to try a few weeks ago, and he loved them so much that I invited her to interview for the blog!

To learn more about Pupcake Confections, Victoria, and her pup Kaia, keep reading! PLUS – there’s a special discount at the end of the interview for The Broke Dog readers!

9 Essential Tips for Surviving a Small Apartment With A Dog

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I live in New York City, but space comes at a premium no matter where you live! Most young adults in New York live with roommates or, if they are very lucky, in tiny one-bedroom or studio apartments. Living in a small space with a dog — whether in a city or a more rural area — presents its own series of challenges, but there are ways to make it easier. Keep reading for some tips I’ve gathered during my experience living in a small apartment with a dog.

The Pastel Pug: Small Business Spotlight and Giveaway [INTERVIEW]

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In today’s Small Business Spotlight, we interview Chelsea of The Pastel Pug, a whimsical Etsy shop hat focuses on wood burned and hand painted portraits of both humans and pets. I fell in love with her captivating dog portraits and had to share! PLUS: ENTER TO WIN A WATERCOLOR PRINT FROM THE PASTEL PUG AT THE END OF THE POST!

Dog Parker: Small Business Spotlight [INTERVIEW]

Have you ever wanted to bring your dog on an errand but were too afraid to leave him or her tied outside? This is often a major concern for city dwellers, who worry about their dogs hurting themselves, escaping, or being stolen. Enter Dog Parker, a new Brooklyn business that ensures that your dog will be safe, comfortable, and secure while you run into a store or restaurant! We interviewed Dog Parker’s Founder and CEO, Chelsea Brownridge, about her plans for the business and her dog, Winston. Plus, all Dog Parker Memberships and minutes are currently FREE! Just use code FFDOGPARKER when you join!

How to Easily Feed Your Dog Raw With Sojos Complete

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Have you been hearing about the benefits of a raw diet for dogs? I get a really great deal on Henry’s grain-free kibble from my food coop (which he loves eating out of his Omega Paw Tricky Treat Ball) and I don’t eat much meat myself (I call myself an “accidental vegetarian” because tofu and beans are just so much cheaper than quality meat in Brooklyn and are easier to prepare). I have been feeding Henry vegetables and canned pumpkin mixed with a little canned food while wishing there was an easy way for me to easily add more raw benefits. Enter Sojos Complete.

Sojos makes complete, balanced raw meals that are freeze-dried and ready to eat after a fifteen minute soak in water. In addition, Sojos Complete is relatively affordable (an 8-lb bag of Sojos rehydrates to 40-lbs of fresh, raw food) and safe (they claim their process eliminates the risk of food-borne pathogens). Sojos uses human grade ingredients and no genetically engineered ingredients, fillers, preservatives, or artificial colors. Another big plus is that, unlike dog food companies that add synthetic vitamins from China, Sojos uses natural vitamins and minerals and makes everything in the USA.

Henry and I received a box of goodies from Sojos a few weeks ago containing Sojos Complete Grain Free Turkey Recipe, Simply Lamb Grain Free Freeze-Dried Raw Dog Treats, Simply Wild Raw Venison Freeze-Dried Treats, and Good Dog Natural Crunchy Dog Treats in Apple Dumpling. Let’s see what Henry thought!

Seven Free Dog Sweater Patterns

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Do you have a dog that gets cold easily? Do you know how to knit? You can help keep your pup warm with a homemade sweater! Henry isn’t the biggest fan of sweaters, but I’ve made him a few for the coldest winter days. I don’t use dog sweater patterns because I’ve been knitting for a long time and I like to make them up as I go along, but there are plenty of patterns available online for those who want to take on the challenge! I’ve rounded up seven of my favorites, so keep reading to get inspired!

Henry’s Story: His One-Year Adoptaversary!

Today is a VERY special day in The Broke Dog household: one year ago today, I made the incredible decision to adopt Henry! In the past year, I’ve started Henry’s Instagram and this blog, expanded my side business, discovered new podcasts, made countless internet friends, scooped hundreds of poops, shushed barks, knitted dog sweaters, and relieved my bank account of hundreds of dollars (it all comes with the territory!). I can’t believe what an amazing year it has been and how much my little Mutt Nugget has shaped and enhanced my life.

In honor of this anniversary, I have chosen to share the story of how we met.

Without further ado – Henry’s Story!

Cozy Cama: Small Business Spotlight [INTERVIEW]

One of the best ways to save money in the long run is to buy quality, well-made items that won’t be destroyed or need to be replaced. Enter Cozy Cama, maker and purveyor of beautiful, long-lasting pet beds that upcycle your old pillows! We interviewed Cozy Cama’s matriarch, Evan, about her business and behind-the-scenes life.

The Broke Dog readers get a free Cozy Case at Cozy Cama with code THEBROKEDOG! 

Keep reading to learn more!