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Poop: it’s a daily reality for all dog owners. You could scoop six months’ worth of poop for free if you win this week’s Summr of Ruff giveaway from Gemma Rose Project!

WIN Six Months of Poop Bags from Gemma Rose Project

One (1) winner will win six months of poop bags from Gemma Rose Project (six boxes, value $60).  Prize will be fulfilled by Gemma Rose Project.

About Gemma Rose Project

Gemma Rose Project sells premium rose-scented poop bags that benefit deserving animal rescue organizations. Best of all, they offer a subscription service so that you never have to run out! Plus, the bags are made with EPI technology that helps the plastic break down and the packaging is made from recycled (and recyclable!) materials. What’s not to love?

Learn more about their two kinds of bags in our reviews:

Gemma Rose Project Tie Bag Review

Gemma Rose Project Roll Bag Review


This is Summer of Ruff, the Broke Dog’s weekly summer giveaway series! This is the second year we’ve given away weekly prizes all summer along. Why? Because we want to thank you for being AWESOME! We know that sometimes it can be hard to treat you or your dog when money is tight, so we want to help our followers have the best summer ever! Check back each Friday for a new chance to win, and also check out our other Summer of Ruff giveaways here.

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Rochelle BaRoss is an accessory designer by day and a blogger, entrepreneur, and dog mom by night. She moved to Brooklyn in 2012 without a paying job, signed a lease on a two-bedroom apartment with five other people, and worked hard and saved for years until she could move into her own studio apartment and adopt Henry, her terrier mix.


  1. I would love to win these bags! I just ran out so a 6 month supply would be amazing! It’d also be bringing awareness to an amazing organization.

  2. This contest was meant for us! 6 dogs produce a ton of POOP! LOL

  3. Michelle B. Reply

    My fav. poop story was when my bordercollie/keplie mix was about 2 1/2 months old and he had just learned that if he comes inside after going potty, and sits down nicely, he will get a treat. Well…… We were outside raking leaves and Maximus starts rolling all over in one of the huge piles of leaves. BUT there was also poo in that pile… So this adorable little pup was COVERED in poop and when I finally got him inside to take a bath, he immediately sat down like a good boy waiting for his treat. (His face is primarily white and it had brown streaks ALL over it…..) So there I was, with a cute little pup, covered in poo waiting patiently for his treat. It was hilarious but adorable at the same time.

  4. Cheryl Chervitz Reply

    No funny stories, but I have a Boston who takes about 5 minutes to find his spot to poop. When you have 2 other dogs waiting, it can become an issue.


    No funny poop stories over here! But she takes forever to find a spot to go!

  6. Yoda really loves finding Bean’s poop before I get a chance to pick it up and rolling in it like the jerk that he is. He’s gleeful about it each time and has ZERO shame.

  7. My dad walks my dogs with me but makes me pick up all the poop. He says that carrying a poop bag is “too embarassing” and “not manly.” LOL

  8. My funny poop story is when my dad and stepmom went on a date night so that night I was hanging out with my shitzu which his name is stitch, so stitch was like 4 months already and he knew how to poop in his pad but sometimes this fur ball can be very lazy. My dad and my stepmom come back from their date night. My dad decides to go to the bathroom only to find a surprise his SHOES WERE INPRINTED ON THE POOP!! We all started laughing because he was just so mad but his face was priceless.

  9. Sandy Weinstein Reply

    not really funny, but my youngest would have poopies stuck to her butt, which i did not notice til she got in bed with me, and found them in the bed. the girls take forever to poop. they circle, and circle, smell each other’s poop, then decide to poop all the way at the other end of the deck. (i have small girls and a very large deck, which i have set off 1 area for them to poop and pea, it has a large pad there for them)

  10. Once upon a time, I was using hand-me-down-plastic-bags-that-formerly-held-newspapers delivered on wet mornings given to me by my dad. I did not inspect each bag before using them for scooping. That was my mistake. (Can you guess where this is going???) One dark morning, I placed my hand in the bag, grabbed the poop on the ground….and realized I was REALLY grabbing the poop on the ground!! The bag was completely open at both ends. And my hand was literally holding tootsie rolls of poop! Ewww! Not sure if that story is funny or just gross, but that’s my tale.

  11. Not a dog poop story, but a cat poop story. My oldest dog thinks cat poop is a treat and I have to keep him away from the litter box or clean up right after the cats do their business.

  12. My border collie puppy went through a phase at 2 months where he thought are other dogs poop was a toy in the winter… he would pick up frozen piles and run off with them while bring so proud of his self as I tried to tell him to drop it.

  13. Well I mean cat if it counts.. he tried to go in the litterbox but it clung on and everything ended up on floor..

  14. My favorite poop story was about a dog I was pet sitting on a regular basis. Toby was a squirrel chaser. Couldn’t let any terrible squirrels go by without barking his head off at them.
    One day mid-poop, Toby sees a squirrel and starts barking like mad at the squirrel. There was another lady also walking her dogs and we both started cracking up at him. Finish your poop Toby! Then go get the squirrel!

  15. Courtney Stock Reply

    No real stories but My dog takes her time when she poops

  16. Terri A. Abbett Reply

    No funny stories about poop. One of our dogs often spins before she poops and sometimes while she poops.

  17. Layla can spend hours in the dog park, pee in the dog park but has to poop the minute we leave under a tree across from the dog park, she will not poop anywhere else

  18. Well, we don’t have any funny poop stories but having 5 dogs, we surely go through a ton of bags. Thanks for hosting this giveaway! Belly rubs to Henry! xoxo

  19. No funny stories here – though Parker finally realized the faster she poops when it’s raining the faster she can get out of the rain! She used to just walk around forever before going, especially cause she’s not a fan of the umbrella which means we both got soaked.

  20. Daniel Scott Reply

    I’m not sure how funny it was, but my dog ate an entire jar of Vaseline. What came out was greasy, smelly and a huge mess.

  21. Kayla klontz Reply

    Not about my dog, but my son once yelled for me and I ran to pick him up (he was a toddler) and he had some poo on his hands from the inside of his diaper and let’s just say he made me taste it! It was gross then, but it’s funny now.

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