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My Dog Takes Anti-Anxiety Meds — And So Do I

Trigger warning: this post discusses anxiety, depression, suicidal ideation, and eating disorders. Also, I am not a vet, behaviorist, trainer, or mental health professional. This post merely reflects my personal journey as I remember it.

There has been a lot of buzz in the media recently about mental health, with multiple high-profile suicides in recent days. In the following hours, several of my pet blogging friends posted their own stories in an attempt to bring eyes to an important topic and to make it easier for others to speak up if they need help.

I thought — we’re bloggers! Let’s do what we do best: spread the word about things that need to be discussed. Several of us are speaking out about our own mental health struggles or about mental health in general. Their posts will be linked up at the end, but in the meantime, I have a story to tell.

Operation ALFA: A Mission To Help a Deserving Rescue

Henry and I are so incredibly grateful for our life together and, as a result, love to put together a charitable project at the holidays. This year, we cooked up up a top secret mission to help the organization we can thank for Henry’s life! As a result, our wonderful brand partners will be donating over $4700 worth of food, treats, and supplies. Without further ado: Operation ALFA!

Custom Stuffed Animals of Your Pet? You Bet!

Want a custom plush stuffed animal that looks exactly like your pet? Cuddle Clones makes one-of-a-kind keepsakes that will make you do a double take! Plus, we’ve teamed up with this great company to bring you our exclusive Cuddle Clones promo code!

Disclaimer: We received our Cuddle Clone in exchange for photography services, and I am absolutely OBSESSED with it! We also receive an affiliate commission if you purchase through our link or using our code: THEBROKEDOG.

The Broke Dog’s 2016 In Review

Well, another year over! 2016 was a big one for The Broke Dog, so let’s take a quick trip down memory lane. Enjoy this Year in Review that touches on some — but not all — of the exciting things that happened this year for me, Henry, and The Broke Dog, as well as some photos that haven’t appeared on the blog before. Cheers to a new year filled with even more adventures!

Announcing the Holidays, Hounds, and Hot Buys Gift Guide Giveaway!

The Broke Dog received many of the products in this guide for an honest review.  We did not receive monetary compensation to review/promote these products.  We only accept products that we would use ourselve and believe that we and our readers would benefit from learning more about.

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Figo Pet Insurance: Our Partnership

Disclaimer: We earn a small affiliate commission each time someone REQUESTS A QUOTE for Figo Pet Insurance using our link. All this means is that we’ll have more money for Henry’s vet bills! We use and recommend Figo and would never promote something we didn’t love.


Hello, my wonderful readers! I’m here today with a special announcement: The Broke Dog is now partnering with Figo Pet Insurance! Keep reading to learn more about what Figo can do for you.

Hello, my wonderful readers! I’m here today with a special announcement: The Broke Dog is partnered
with Figo Pet Insurance! Keep reading to learn more about what Figo can do for you.
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Henry’s Story: His One-Year Adoptaversary!

Today is a VERY special day in The Broke Dog household: one year ago today, I made the incredible decision to adopt Henry! In the past year, I’ve started Henry’s Instagram and this blog, expanded my side business, discovered new podcasts, made countless internet friends, scooped hundreds of poops, shushed barks, knitted dog sweaters, and relieved my bank account of hundreds of dollars (it all comes with the territory!). I can’t believe what an amazing year it has been and how much my little Mutt Nugget has shaped and enhanced my life.

In honor of this anniversary, I have chosen to share the story of how we met.

Without further ado – Henry’s Story!