Could a Behaviorist Help My Dog?

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Have you ever had a pet with a behavioral problem? I know the struggle. Luckily, there are professionals who are specially trained in deciphering and remedying problem pet behaviors: behaviorists!

Five Reasons I Love Being a Pet Blogger

If you didn’t know, I’ve had a pretty crazy year! I spent the first half of the year planning and executing my heavily-DIY wedding and the second half buying and moving into our new house. Despite all of the change, there is one thing that stays the same: I love being a pet blogger.

There are so many reasons I love this job, but let’s dive into just five of them! If at the end you’ve decided you want to take the plunge into pet blogging, you can buy your very own copy of Pet Blogging for Love and Money by my friends Carol Bryant and Maggie Marton to get yourself started!

Personalized Photo Gifts for Pet Parents from Snapfish

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Snapfish and we have been compensated by them to spread the word about their products. We only share what we really love, though!

In this digital age, I always have a hard time finding ways to print and display my photos. Maybe you can relate! It’s great to have them available anywhere on your phone or computer, but it’s nice to actually have something tangible to hold in your hands.

I took several photos of Henry this summer that I loved so much that I didn’t want to just leave them hidden on my hard drive — but I also didn’t want to fill the very few frames we own with them since we’re about to have our engagement photos taken.  What’s a gal to do?

Enter Snapfish: the online site you know for photo prints and books also offers incredible personalized gifts! I was able to turn my Henry photos into adorable, affordable, and functional items that I can use every day.