May 2016


HAPPY ARFDAY! Henry’s Birthday and a Small Business Spotlight

DISCLAIMER: HAPPY ARFDAY provided us with a package of cake mix when they learned that Henry’s birthday was approaching, as well as the package that is being given away at the end of the post. We invited them to participate in a Small Business Spotlight.

Have a doggie birthday coming up? Don’t know to start? HAPPY ARFDAY is the cake mix for you! When she learned that Henry’s birthday was approaching, Kimberly Fritz of HAPPY ARFDAY offered to send Henry a packet to try. We had so much fun making and sampling the cake, and you can too if you win the giveaway at the end of this post!

Keep reading for an interview with Kimberly about HAPPY ARFDAY, her family, and her pup Ebby — plus, a step-by-step review!

PawPals With Annie! Unboxing and Review: May 2016 My Lunch Box

Disclaimer: We received our Paw Pals With Annie! Box for free in exchange for an honest review.

Last summer, PawPals With Annie! launched with a series of “Free Box Friday” giveaways and Henry was the first lucky winner! Since then, we’ve followed the company on Instagram and have watched them grow. They now offer four types of “doggie approved” monthly boxes (Novelty, Deluxe, Toys, and Treats), curated by Annie, a blonde Scottie with help from her owner, Elizabeth. Each box includes premium items relevant to the current season and are selected based on your dog’s size. Henry and I have been invited to be monthly reviewers, so watch this space for a new review each month!

This month’s theme is My Lunch Box, and the box came stuffed with five full-sized goodies. Keep reading to learn what we received!

Citizen x Hound: Small Business Spotlight [INTERVIEW]

We’re excited to introduce you to Citizen x Hound, a new brand that is launching TODAY, May 17! Citizen x Hound is a New York City-based company that currently offers three lines based on a Manhattan neighborhood (Soho), a Brooklyn neighborhood (Clinton Hill), and a Long Island fishing town (Montauk). We interviewed Cassandra, one of the three founders, about the company’s vision and her dog, Ruby! Keep reading to learn more and use code BROKEHOUND to save 20% on one of Citizen x Hound’s new reversible bandanas!

Pooch Perks Unboxing and Review: May 2016 Cinco De Mayo!

Disclaimer: We are monthly reviewers and affiliates for Pooch Perks. We receive a free box each month and receive a small commission each time a plan is purchased through our links. We absolutely LOVE Pooch Perks and always give our honest opinions in all reviews!

Happy Cinco De Mayo! Even if you don’t remember which event this day commemorates (the Mexican Army’s victory over the French at the Battle of Puebla in 1862, for the record), you might be celebrating today with some strong drinks and delicious food. Well, thanks to Pooch Perks, you can include your dog in the fun! Check out this month’s Pooch Perks unboxing to see how Henry will celebrate (as well as recover from) tonight!

From Nuggie With Love LLC: Small Business Spotlight and Review [INTERVIEW]

Disclaimer: From Nuggie With Love LLC provided the treats featured in this post at no cost for Henry to sample. I then invited Alley to do an interview because Henry was absolutely wild about them! This post may contain affiliate links.

From Nuggie with Love LLC specializes in holistic, artisanal dog treats and premium all-natural pet care products. Henry and I interview the founder, Allison Santos-Martin, and gave some of the treats a test run! Keep reading to learn more about these healthy, high quality treats and use code 10FORHEN to take 10% off your order!