We’re teaming up with a slew of fabulous pet bloggers to bring you a huge giveaway in time for the holidays! What do Henry and I want for Christmas? Check it out and enter to win hundreds of dollars in prizes!

4 Gifts For Pet Giveaway Blog Hop

The 4 Gifts for Pet Giveaway Hop is sponsored by CleverPet. The opinions and ideas in this post are my own and are uninfluenced by any other person or business. The individual sponsors are responsible for their giveaway prizes including shipping. The gift cards have been provided by the participating bloggers. I have business relationships with the other featured businesses and have been compensated in some form at some point by each. This post contains affiliate links, which means I earn a small commission if you make a purchase using them.

What is the 4 Gifts Concept?

This giveaway is inspired by the “4 Gifts” concept: you buy your child (or pet) one gift they WANT, one they NEED, one they can WEAR, and one they can READ (or in your pet’s case, EAT).  It’s a great way to keep your holiday budget on track or to ensure your child or pet doesn’t accumulate too much stuff.  You can learn more here.

Our 4 Gifts

Henry and I are focusing on brands that give back to animal rescue, as well as one awesome high-tech toy.

1.) WANT: CleverPet Hub

We actually have one of these already  — and we love it! What we “want” is for all the other pups to have their own CleverPet Hubs! Check out the 5 Reasons We Love the CleverPet for our in-depth review and enter to win one below.

2.) WEAR: Second Chances Bandana from Oki Doggy

When I’m saying that I want everything at the Oki Doggy site, I’m not joking. Not only is every item insanely cute, 15% of all purchases goes to deserving dog rescue organizations. This adorable Second Chances Bandana is part of the “Wear L.O.V.E.” collection, which mean that a whopping $5 from each one is donated! I’m in love!

3.) NEED: Gemma Rose Project Roll Bags

You may have read our post about Gemma Rose Project Poop Bags earlier this year. These poop bags are super well-made, available in a subscription service, and now come in roll form! Most importantly, the “project” behind “Gemma Rose Project” is to create a sustainable source of funding for dog rescue by donating a portion of each sale — what’s not to love? A full review of the new roll bags is coming soon, but you can order both types NOW at the Gemma Rose Project website.

4.) EAT: The Dapper Dog Box Subscription

Ok, your dog can only eat part of this gift, so please excuse our slight rule bend. The Dapper Dog Box is a  monthly subscription service that includes about five high-quality, full-sized dog products, including two kinds of treats! The Dapper Dog Box donates a portion of sales (thousands of dollars so far!) to a different rescue organization each month and has worked with over 12 rescues including The Sato Project, Animal Hope & Wellness, Chews Life Dog Rescue, and Queen’s Best Corgi Rescue. I don’t know about you, but I would love knowing that I won’t need to remember to buy treats each month — they’ll just show up at my door!  Learn more about The Dapper Dog Box and see what was in last year’s December box!


Now that you’ve done some shopping, it’s time to learn what you can win!

Grand Prize: 1 CleverPet Hub
Secondary Prizes

Winners choice of Amazon, PetSmart or Etsy Gift Card:

1 x $200
1 x $100
1 x $50


Use the widget below to enter on our blog before December 8th, then enter on every participating blog to increase your chance of winning! Good luck!

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Rochelle BaRoss is an accessory designer by day and a blogger, entrepreneur, and dog mom by night. She moved to Brooklyn in 2012 without a paying job, signed a lease on a two-bedroom apartment with five other people, and worked hard and saved for years until she could move into her own studio apartment and adopt Henry, her terrier mix.


  1. Nancy Loring Reply

    yes my Tuc has a stocking that I hang next to the kids. the kids will say that Tuc’s stocking is bigger than theirs. He also gets present under the tree that he opens on his own.

  2. Yes, I hang stockings for my fur babies! I put healthy treats and toys in their stockings 🙂

  3. I have a stocking for my sweet rescue Stormy~! She loves little treats. She is not into big treats.

  4. Yes, i hand a stocking for my dog and my cat. I put little toys and treats in them.

  5. wendy browne Reply

    My Boston Terrier doesn’t have a stocking. I barely got around to finding my kids stockings last year.

  6. Natalie Hartmann Reply

    My dogs all have their own stocking filled with treats and gifts under the tree from Santa Paws!

  7. Carrie McCarthy Reply

    YES! We do dog and cat stockings! Treats and toys for everyone <3

  8. Yes, they get little treats and toys! They get just as excited as the kids.

  9. This is our first year with our puppy, but she will get a stocking with a toy and some homemade treats.

  10. I hang stockings for all of my pets. For my dog, I put treats such as bones and a variety of toys. My 3 cats get treats and toys as well. My 5 birds get treats, toys and perches. I love spoiling all of my babies!

  11. alicia gordon Reply

    yes i do hang a stocking for my 2 dogs. I usually put about 2-3 toys and some type of bone for them. They always enjoy it. this will be my new pups 1st christmas this year!

  12. I do not, but I do buy our dog gifts, like dog toys and treats.

  13. I do hang a stocking every year. I always put chew toys and treats in it and a new brush.

  14. carol clark Reply

    o yes we put chew toys some chew bones and a new blanket cause when they get old he will tear em up so we tend to get him one a year

  15. We’re hanging a stocking and getting treats, toys, and a new bed!

  16. Not any more, when kids were home then we did. He got a new toy and dog treats. Happy camper.

  17. I don’t hang stockings, but I always get my pets something…usually edible. 🙂

  18. I haven’t hung a stocking for pets. But if I did I would put toys and treats in it.

  19. Molli Vandehey-Taylor Reply

    i do hang stockings, i put trreats and toys in them

  20. MY DOG SHAKUR GETS A STOCKING EVERY YEAR FILLED WITH HIS FAVORITE SNACKS !!!! Pork Ears tbone treats !!!He IS OLD 13 And Grumpy !!!! Happy Holidays

  21. yes, I fill my dogs stocking with bones, treats and squeaky toys!

  22. Brandi Dawn Reply

    I do not have a stocking for my doggers. I just usually toss him some yummy presents. Maybe I will do one this year!

  23. I do hang a stocking for each of them. I put treats and toys in them.

  24. Christine Aiello Reply

    Yes I hang a stocking for Coco at my house and also at my parent’s house. She usually gets treats in her stocking. Sometimes a small toy too.

  25. Alexandra Y Reply

    Yes we hang stockings for the dogs with bones and toys in them.

  26. we don’t do a stocking for our dog. Normally I just purchase him a new toy.

  27. Oh yes, y dog and cat have stockings and we have a coat and rawhide stocking for him too

  28. I have a stocking for my pet. I usually get him either toys or treats!

  29. Jeanette G. Reply

    We don’t have stockings. Too many dogs. But we do buy the big stocking with bones that come out during the holiday season and they each get one on Christmas.

  30. Sandy Weinstein Reply

    i used to but not much anymore, we dont celebrate Christmas. we celebrate Hanukkah. my mother got mad at me when i took my dog that just passed away to be blessed. she said “Evie is a little Jew girl, she does not get blessed by a preacher or pastor”. however, they do have some stockings packed away.

  31. Yes my dog has his own stocking, he loves tearing into it on Christmas morning to find all his goodies.

  32. Amy Angulo Reply

    Both Pups have cute dog stocking which kind of look like them and that are filled with treats.

  33. I haven’t hung their stocking in several years. When I did, I would put some biscuits in it.

  34. Sandy Weinstein Reply

    i put the wrong bonus in, it is 4 Gifts Giveaway for today. sorry

  35. We are terrible. We don’t have stockings for our pups, BUT we don’t have stockings for ourselves either… (No human children yet….) But they do get special treats on Christmas a part from their presents.

  36. I normally don’t have stockings but this year I am going to give my dog a brand new chew toy

  37. Christy Keen Reply

    Yes!! I have always hung a stocking for my fur baby boy. He gets lots of goodies in his stocking. He gets treats, toys, a new sweater and a new ball and maybe even some Christmas doggie cookies If his is good.
    My daughter always gets his and her stocking down first thing Christmas morning and they sit in the floor and open them together. Kinda like a tradition here. Our fur baby is spoiled!

  38. Shirley Shepherd Reply

    Yes, I hang stockings for my pets. I put treats and squeaky toys in them.

  39. Terri Bollin Reply

    Yes and I have their names on each of their stockings also. I usually put their treats like yogurt drops, catnip, and stuffed animals in them.

  40. I hang stockings for all three of my pets! I love to put little toys and treats in them.

  41. I hang stockings for my pets. I usually put toys and treats in them and they love it!

  42. Michelle B. Reply

    We don’t have stockings at all or any extra decorations. We haven’t even had a tree since my we got our 6 year old pup. (We’ve had him since he was a puppy, so it’s been awhile since we had a tree.) BUT they do always get extra treats during the holidays.

  43. Jamia Geer Reply

    Yes, I do hang stockings for my pets. I usually put toys and treats in them.

  44. Melissa Storms Reply

    We always hang up stockings for our pets, I embroidered their names on them just like i did for all of us. I put catnip and treats and toys in the cats and treats and usually a sweater for our chihuahua.

  45. Angel has a stocking. Sometimes, she gets too much stuff to fit in her stocking from other relatives.

  46. I’m thinking I may have to start a stocking tradition to do after we come back from visiting family.

  47. no, she gets a big bone under the tree to enjoy while we open gifts

  48. Kim Cowgar Reply

    I don’t hang stockings but they do get presents – usually toys and treats

  49. I don’t have a stocking right now because I don’t currently decorate for the holidays (I am moving soon and don’t want to buy a bunch of stuff I need to take with me). I get her a couple of gifts though – usually one toy and one treat.

  50. Susan Greenberg Reply

    I do hang stockings for both my rescue boys..they each have their own. I don’t fill it until I am about to give them. I put in treats and stuffed squeaky toys ❤️

  51. amy guillaume linderman Reply

    our pets get new toys and some gourmet food treats!

  52. We live on a boat so there is little room for stockings or presents. I don’t think Honey minds too much, though.

  53. I get lots of goodies form my Mom in my stocking for Christmas. My favorite is new button downs, bandanas, cookies, and of course rawhides!

  54. Our dogs get a new toys, some meat, and a new dog bed every year.

  55. I put some spare cash in so I can buy him new treats and food.

  56. Yes, we hang a stocking every year! She even knows by now when she sees it come out of storage that it’s going to have goodies in it and stares at it hanging from the mantle. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  57. Annamarie V Reply

    Yes my dogs have always had stockings, there are years that my Husband and I don’t buy for each other but the dog always has a present.

  58. Mindy DeLisi Reply

    My family wraps gifts for my sister’s 2 dogs. Treats, food and of course TOYS!

  59. Yep, a stocking is hanging above the fireplace. We plan to stuff some treats in there.

  60. KaylaKayla Reply

    I always do stockings for my dogs! I like to put candy cane bones inside. 🙂

  61. Rhonda Fuller Reply

    Yes Tiny gets his own stocking every year filled with toys and treats

  62. Angela Nicole Reply

    Yes I do. I like to put dental goodies, treats, socks and a small toy in their stockings!

  63. Yes! My dog always gets a few chew toys and a treat or two in his.

  64. We always hang a stocking, whether she’s been naughty or nice. We put everything in there! Treats, a new brush, bandana, tennis balls…anything that needs replacing or that’s worn out!!

  65. Cami Valenzuela Reply

    0we always do treats and a squeaky bone. He loves the squeaky toys.

  66. We have some stockings for ourselves, but just ones made by a relative and we don’t put anything in them. None for the pets, but they get plenty spoiled anyway.

  67. We hang a stocking for our dog and put bones and treats in it.

  68. Kelly Roche Reply

    We plan to! Arrow will probably get treats and bones from a dog bakery near us!

  69. Yup! Something squeaky & something smelly to eat goes in my little guy’s stocking.

  70. Amanda Lindsay Shearouse Reply

    Of course! Each pet has their own stocking. We fill them with treats and new toys! 🙂

  71. We don’t hang stocking but I do wrap presents for him, toys and bones.

  72. Sherry Barnes Reply

    Yep our boy Smokey gets a stocking with new treats he hasn’t tried before,,new bones and new toys

  73. We hang a stocking for Luma and put one toy and one bone and sometimes some homemade treats 🙂

  74. Julie McCanless Reply

    Yes ALL of our pets get stockings. Even our livestock, they are family too!

  75. Linda Szymoniak Reply

    Yes, I have stockings for our furbabies, but since we don’t really have a place to hang them, we just bring the out on Christmas morning with some treats and perhaps a toy, for them. I need to get some new ones as we’ve lost furbabies over the years and have adopted others.

  76. My little pomchi is going to have her first christmas this year!

  77. Bea Alexandra Reply

    Of course! I hang with all the other stockings above the fireplace. It looks like them too!

  78. Annmarie W. Reply

    We’ve always hung a stocking for our pet! Unfortunately, our Ozzy passed away this year and it’ll be the first Christmas that we won’t be hanging a pet stocking. But I know my sister-in-law & her family will hang a stocking for their labradoodle Tasha and will fill in with treats, bones & toys!

  79. Julie Tardi Reply

    my two dogs are so spoiled everyday is Christmas but at Christmas my Katie gets a new shirt and Max gets a new stuffed puppy dog besides a few treats!!!

  80. Eloise Carlson Reply

    Yes I definitely hang a stocking for my pup right in the center of ours. I usually put bones, dog treats and fun toys in there for him. He is part of our family! Thanks so very much for the chance!

  81. No, my girl does not have a stocking. None of us have a stocking because we don’t have a good place to hang them (like a fireplace).

  82. Lindsay A. Reply

    We haven’t hung a stocking for our cat, but I’m inspired by this & would like to start this year!

  83. No, but I do leave their favorite treats with a big bow on it underneath the tree!

  84. Kayla Klontz Reply

    Yes we do! I love putting treats and toys in it, sometimes a new doggie outfit.

  85. Eileen Boyce Reply

    We don’t hang stockings anymore but we do buy our dog something.

  86. amanda whitley Reply

    my kitties have one stocking they share, we put treats and toys in it.

  87. Samantha Thomas Reply

    Usually. I haven’t the past 2 years, not going into any sob story lol, but when I do its treats and toys. The big gifts get wrapped

  88. Amy Delong Reply

    I do hang stockings for my dogs,put treats,tennis balls,toys

  89. Jennifer Keating Reply

    This will be my pups first Christmas with us, but yes he will have his own stocking with his name on it. He’s apart of our family now, so he gets treated like the rest of us.

  90. Yes our two doggies have stockings and we stuff them with their favorite treats and chew toys!!!

  91. Trisha Musgrave Reply

    Yes I do! I put treats, toys , cat nip, or a bone in it!

  92. Heather A.E. Reply

    This is the first year I’ve decorated for Christmas, so I don’t have a stocking for him yet. However, I’m going to get one! 🙂

  93. Jessica Justice Reply

    I don’t usually hang a stocking for my pets, but I will buy them a toy or two.

  94. Yes we hang a stocking for them and we fill it with toys and treats.

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