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This week, we're giving away a $75 credit to the OdorKlenz shop, where you buy chemical-free odor neutralizers that are safe for both people and pets.


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This week, we're giving away a $75 credit to the OdorKlenz shop, where you buy chemical-free odor neutralizers that are safe for both people and pets.


Rochelle BaRoss is an accessory designer by day and a blogger, entrepreneur, and dog mom by night. She moved to Brooklyn in 2012 without a paying job, signed a lease on a two-bedroom apartment with five other people, and worked hard and saved for years until she could move into her own studio apartment and adopt Henry, her terrier mix.


  1. Actually a friend of mine said my house had an awful “dog smell”. I have really bad sinuses and cannot smell it. Was very embarrassing.

  2. Linda Szymoniak Reply

    We have three dogs and three cats (all rescues). I don’t think there’s a pet smell I haven’t had to deal with. I guess the worst was when one of the dogs had diarrhea and got the mess all over the house.

  3. Sandy Weinstein Reply

    my oldest when she vomited and had diarrhea in the crate on the way to the vet. it was a mess as was she. Evie does not travel well in her old age.

  4. Can’t wait to try this! It looks bird safe and we have a 3 year old Papillon/Dachshund who just wants to create stink!

  5. When we moved into our new house the dogs or really had a fun time marking all the carpet. The house smells horrible. I’ve done my best to clean it up but I think we’re eventually going to have to just replace the carpet.

  6. My dog really has not caused any really awful odors.

    One time I was looking at houses and we visited a house that was for sale & obviously had way too many cats. I don’t think the house sold until after the people & pets moved out. And then all the soft surfaces would have needed to be replaced….I think even people without cat allergies would have developed one in that house.

  7. Melissa Storms Reply

    Oh, I won’t say but I have a cat, a litter box and a dog and it was really just too gross. I have since moved the litter box,, lesson learned.

  8. My spaniel mix, Kandy, was on medication that made her sick with diarrhea. It had the worst smell. It made me gag so my husband was kind enough to do the cleaning.

  9. The worst smell was vomit and diarrhea … Very hard to get rid of those odors!! YUCK

  10. A few times when I brought my dog to our local beach- she rolled in an old rotting piece of a dead moose. I don’t even have the words to describe how putrid and foul my dog smelled.

  11. Crissie Woolard Reply

    The worst mail is definitely cat urine. And it is so hard to get out of anything

  12. Christine Aiello Reply

    My dog got really sick on me one time and almost died. She was bleeding from her butt, but also throwing up and diarrahea. My whole first floor of my townhouse was covered. It was horrible. It look like someone had been murdered in my house. That was the worst smell I had.

  13. Cheryl Chervitz Reply

    I think the worst was when my dog had bloody diarrhea, it smelled so bad.

  14. We had a poodle that ate all the cats’ food and had an accident when we weren’t home. Even after clean up, it was stinky for a bit.

  15. Mandi Smith Reply

    when my dog Bear would fart I swear it was worse then pee or poop smell lol

  16. Jessica Gipson Reply

    My dog encountered a skunk and obviously he got to close and was sprayed. WORST SMELL EVER! UGH!

  17. Cynthia Schmied Reply

    I don’t think there’s anything worse than a dog fart stuck in the car.

  18. Probably when trying to potty train my dog…. he’s very stubborn. urine smell..yuck

  19. Heather Jackson Reply

    Dogs diarrhea after he ate something he shouldn’t have.

  20. Trisha Musgrave Reply

    The worst pet smell I have had to deal with is cat pee!!!

  21. Katrina Angele Reply

    A combination of cat pee and spray. We brought in a ferrel cat. Bad idea!

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