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It’s time for Week 5 of our weekly Summer of Ruff giveaway series! This week, we’re giving away a super fun gift pack so you can spoil both you and your dog!


One (1) winner will win a (1) 4-Pack of Dog Socks (for Ladies) and (1) Set of an “I Love My Dog” Necklace and “I Love My Human” Collar Charm from The Broke Dog, (1) Click & Brush Deshedding Tool from Eazee, and (1) Box of Caru Bone Broth.

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Rochelle BaRoss is an accessory designer by day and a blogger, entrepreneur, and dog mom by night. She moved to Brooklyn in 2012 without a paying job, signed a lease on a two-bedroom apartment with five other people, and worked hard and saved for years until she could move into her own studio apartment and adopt Henry, her terrier mix.


  1. Yesssss doggie memories. My fave is when my childhood dog Trudi finally caught a bunny (it got caught in the fence trying to run away) and she couldn’t figure out what to do with it so she took a bite out of his tail and while she was trying to get the fuzz out of her mouth he wiggle free. The tailless bunny was around many years.

  2. My favorite dog moment was when we went to the breeder to look for a yellow lab puppy but they told us they were all sold, however they had a little girl black lab puppy and said she was really something special and would we like to see her. We said yes and a few moments later this lighting streak came into the room and circled us, she was so full of energy and once I sat on the floor to get a better look at her I knew she was coming home with us that day. Bella has been a member of our family now for 7 years and I still remember the first puppy kiss she gave me the day we first saw her.

  3. We have always crate trained our dogs. We got Maverick almost 6 years ago from the pound, he was about 12 weeks old. We put his crate in the family room but he cried so we moved his crate into our bedroom but he cried. So we moved him into our bed, between my hubby and I. He slept, he never soiled the bed, and still sleeps between us to this day!

  4. allison hoffman Reply

    The first time we ever boarded our dog, seeing how happy he was so see us when we picked him up!

  5. rachel monn Reply

    my favorite memory of my little girl is the first day i brought her home!

  6. My favorite memory of our girl was the day we adopted her, at age 5 and a half, from the breed rescue that offered her for adoption. When I saw her, I fell in love. And she smiled because she knew <3

  7. My favorite memory of one of the many dogs we have had is about our 75 pound Pitbull. He slept wrapped around my head every night for 10 years. He was such a dear sweet dog unless there was danger. He protected me until his last breath.

  8. I have so many! One is of our mastiff who isn’t with us anymore. He loved playing Frisbee and one time crawled about 10 feet with my boyfriend on top of him to get it. He was so funny.

  9. When I was little, our town in PA every year had a parade for animals. We would decorate our Radio Flyer wagon and walk in the parade with our cocker spaniel. My little brother was holding Butch’s leash and the dog took off after another dog and ended up dragging my brother down the street. He wasn’t hurt much but was so embarrassed!

  10. Jessica Gipson Reply

    My first memories is when he would chase his tail when he was a puppy.


  12. When I went to look at Angel at the rescue, I took her outside to look at her away from all the barking dogs. I decided I wanted to adopt her but tried to take her back inside so I could fill out the paperwork. Angel refused to walk back inside & walked me over to the parking lot. I think she picked me as much as I picked her! (I ended up having to pick her up & carry her & go in a different entrance to finish the paperwork.)

  13. WOW – I have so many great memories of my Beagles plus got another on 5/1/17 that I will be making new memories with. But I guess I can pick one of the many – me and Angel Shiloh went to a therapy dog evaluation just to get acquainted and learn some basics – fall of 2004, he wasn’t even 2 yet. After we did a practice eval, I was told that we showed promised and to go home and practice over the winter months which we did. That next spring, we went back for a real evaluation – WE BAGGED IT!

  14. WOW – I have so many great memories of my Beagles plus got another on 5/1/17 that I will be making new memories with. But I guess I can pick one of the many – me and Angel Shiloh went to a therapy dog evaluation just to get acquainted and learn some basics – fall of 2004, he wasn’t even 2 yet. After we did a practice eval, I was told that we showed promised and to go home and practice over the winter months which we did. That next spring, we went back for a real evaluation – WE BAGGED IT! (I should say that he did better than me – I was terribly nervous) For several years after that – we need re-evaluating every 2 years – we continued passing our evaluations. He was my first Beagle and I’m pretty sure my heart dog. He was the first dog I had ever accomplished much with – we also earned his Canine Good Citizen award and we participated several times as a Reading Education Assistant Dog.

  15. Sandy Weinstein Reply

    wow, there are so many. i now have 3 girls, and had one in college. i guess one of my memories is of Evie, when i introduced her to my mother. i got my love of miniature Schnauzers from my mother. she was so excited to have another one in the house again. she loved babysitting for her when she was a baby. my first gal is buried with my mother. she had it put in her will.

  16. Donna Kozar Reply

    When we first got him from the shelter. He was so small and scared. He has grown up with my children.

  17. Daniel Scott Reply

    When we met him for the first time he was so excited. It was if he knew we were is forever family.

  18. Nancy Loring Reply

    My favorite memory of my Tuc is the day he finally caught a squirrel. He has been chasing them for years but he was never quick enough. One day he had a squirrel cornered and the started chasing him. He ran so fast to me. This experience has not stopped him from chasing them but I think he is sticking to just chasing.

  19. Crystal Van Daalen Reply

    My favorite memory is picking up my dog from the shelter and she was a puppy and she was so cute and little

  20. patricia caradonna Reply

    We got our dog Josie when she was 8 weeks old. She was so tiny we thought we would step on her. She proved us wrong. She knew what was going on and wasn’t getting stepped on.

  21. Linda Szymoniak Reply

    I have three dogs now and have had so many more over the years. How to pick just one memory? I guess I’ll go with the day I picked up my sweet deaf girl, Ran (she passed just over two years ago at just 5 years of age). I drove nearly five hours to southern Indiana after seeing her on Petfinder and talking with the rescue. Ran was just short of four months old and while she was deaf, she didn’t know it. I had a five hour drive home with my new baby. She was so sweet as she rode shotgun. I stopped for a burger and shared my fries, which Ran didn’t know what to do with at first, but then gobbled down. It was just the two of us and we really bonded on the drive back home. Ran was my shadow for the next five years. She was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder just two months after her 5th birthday. Less than four months later, despite all the vet bills and everything we did, I had to say goodbye. I’ve never missed a furbaby the way I do Ran.

  22. We have two dogs now and I love them like children but my favorite memory is of my first my childhood dog. She was a Doberman who was pregnant when my parents got her luckily By word of mouth from someone who didn’t want her. I was too young to remember any of that part of the story but I do remember that her ears and her tail weren’t clipped which is a wonderful thing and she was a fawn colored Doberman appropriately called Mama dog. Again I was too young to really remember the pups, I do know that everything went they were all healthy parents were very picky as they adopted them and followed up throughout the years. She was always right by my side she slept in my bed with me, ate with me and when I was old enough to hold the leash we’d walk around the block. She was my best friend growing up, I’m not sure of her age and I don’t quite remember mine but I do remember when she passed. I was 14 years old old it was devastating but I consider myself very lucky to have been raised in a home with animals and to have had Mama dog for my best friend. She was always there with me, even to this day 30 years later it still hurts but that’s the sacrifice we give for bringing animals into our lives and I cannot imagine a household without critters. Thank you.

  23. When Murphy came home, he was so afraid. When I took him to see my mom for the first time, he was laying on the couch with her and started pulling on her nightgown. It was the first time I had seen him play without coaxing, and the first time I had heard my mom laugh since my dad died three months earlier. My heart was so full.

  24. Kelly Roche Reply

    My favorite memory of my old dog was her laying on the ottoman that she had claimed as a puppy, but it wasn’t quite the right size fifty pounds later. She still laid on it every day though all four limbs on the ground!

  25. Natalie Hartmann Reply

    My favorite memory for each of my dogs is the day they joined our family

  26. My favorite memory of my Shadow is when we got our 2 year old Zari last year. Shadow was 7 when we “accidently” (he looked at me when we were adopting a Yorkie!) adopted him. He was 7 when we got him and is 14 now. Since we adopted him we have had senior and hospice dogs and he has been calm and adapted to their needs. Zari is 2 and healthy and Shadow has learned to play! I love watching him do zoomies and play bitey face with her! He’s a puppy for the 1st time since we’ve had him. Such joy!

  27. Saundra Bowers Reply

    The earliest, favorite memory of my dog, was when she was a puppy. She had 5 litter mates and we had them blocked off in a part of the kitchen. She would find a way out and all the others would follow. I was on some pretty strong medications at the time, and it was always when I was napping on the couch. They all ended up napping with me and she always found her way up by my neck and snuggled in! Her litter mates all found a good homes and since she ended up being the last one left, we kept her and named her Scaper, because she was such an escape artist. We enjoyed her for a little over 11 years before she passed away. I miss her so much and remember her often! It has been 6 years and we have finally rescued a puppy to make new memories with, named Zunebug.

  28. One of my favorite memories of my dog is when she was a puppy. I had just baked an apple cake and I was leaving it outside cool. She reached up on the counter and ate about half of it. She had such a crazy sugar high afterwards.

  29. Cheryl Chervitz Reply

    I remember my first Boston, Rozy. She was the runt of the litter, and for the first year of her life she was in my semi truck. She was the best little girl, and so loving. She passed 3 years ago, but I think of her every day.

  30. every morning it is just a joy seeing their little faces so happy to go for their morning walkie!

  31. Crissie woolard Reply

    One of my favorite memories of my dog is one weekend we were our on the boat and pulled up at an empty sandbar, he jumped off and took of running around the entire sand bar as fast as he could. He was so happy to have so much open space to just run in the water!

  32. My favorite memory is when we got her a toy box and she would go in and find the toy she wanted to play with.

  33. My favorite memory was the one time she had puppies. She was such a good mom.

  34. Christine Aiello Reply

    My favorite memory is actually the day I picked out my dog. I went to the breeder’s house and had a choice between two girl pups. I picked one up and sat with her at the breeder’s house and she just looked up at me and kissed me and right away I knew that was the one I had to take home with me.

  35. Probably the first time I was able to take Parker for a hike off leash. She was so excited to run around and be able to explore. It also showed me how well trained she was defining!

  36. Probably the first time I was able to take Parker for a hike off leash. She was so excited to run around and be able to explore. It also showed me how well trained she was defining!

  37. Probably the first time I was able to take Parker for a hike off leash. She was so excited to run around and be able to explore. It also showed me how well trained she was becoming!

  38. Once we were at the beach- heading to my car to leave- and a mom was trying to get her little boy to stop crying. My dog ran over to the little boy and licked his hand and he smiled and stopped crying. My dog had a fondness for kids and the elderly.

  39. Kayla Lussier Reply

    I have so many favorite memories it is hard to choose just one. But I would have to say when my family went on a vacation to a private cabin on a private lake with my dog Missy in 2012. For years we could never get her to swim but our first day there was so hot out so I had put her in the lake to cool her off, which at first she hated. After standing with her for a few minutes I let her go and for the rest of our vacation, it was hard to keep her from jumping into the water! She was swimming with my nieces, playing fetch off the dock, chasing fish and just having a blast! I was so happy to see her finally loving the water. We unfortunately lost her unexpectedly on father’s day in 2016 to stomach cancer, just shy of her 9th birthday. I miss her so much but I will always have that memory and many others to remember her by. I have since brought a new pup into the family in December who I believe was brought to me by Missy. Her name is Myla and she is such a blessing, always making us laugh and being such sweetheart, just like Missy.

  40. Christina A. Reply

    Just his general loyalty and our walks together through the neighborhood! Dogs love unconditionally!

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