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It’s time for another Summer of Ruff Giveaway! This week we’re partnering with Only Natural Pet to bring one lucky winner a $50 Only Natural Pet gift card so you can buy food, treats, natural flea and tick prevention, natural calming aids, awesome chews, and more!


One (1) winner will win a $50 Only Natural Pet Gift Card, delivered electronicallyPrize is provided and fulfilled by Only Natural Pet.

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Welcome to Summer of Ruff, the Broke Dog’s weekly summer giveaway series! We’re celebrating the warmer weather by giving our readers the chance to win some great prizes. Why? Because we want to thank you for being AWESOME! We know that sometimes it can be hard to treat you or your dog when money is tight, so we want to help our followers have the best summer ever! Check back each Friday for a new chance to win, and also check out our other Summer of Ruff giveaways here.


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It's time for another Summer of Ruff Giveaway! This week we're partnering with Only Natural Pet to bring one lucky winner a $50 Only Natural Pet gift card!


Rochelle BaRoss is an accessory designer by day and a blogger, entrepreneur, and dog mom by night. She moved to Brooklyn in 2012 without a paying job, signed a lease on a two-bedroom apartment with five other people, and worked hard and saved for years until she could move into her own studio apartment and adopt Henry, her terrier mix.


  1. wendy browne Reply

    My Boston Terrier has trained me to give him a treat crumb when he brings me things off the floor. If there’s nothing on the floor, he will get on my toddler’s toy table and take things or even snatch cars out of his hands to trade me for treats.

  2. Christine Aiello Reply

    Coco loves to wait by the door for me to come home. Then when I get to the door her wigglebutt starts going. I get in the door she spins around then runs onto her bed and rolls around all over it! It’s hysterical to watch.

  3. rachel monn Reply

    She prefers to go for walks in her stroller even though she is very able to walk!

  4. We have 2 rescued Border Collies – brother and sister. They are the only two out of the litter with curly tails. If you line them up, you can see that their tails go in opposite directions.

  5. allison hoffman Reply

    My dog is super stubborn and a picky eater. I would love to win this so I could try some new foods with him!

  6. Cheryl Chervitz Reply

    We have 3 dogs, 2 Boston Terrier’s and a chihuahua. All three of them have trained us to cover them up when they sleep. They have to have their heads covered!

  7. Melissa Storms Reply

    My girl is a 5 pound chihuahua. We went blueberry picking the other day, there were some newer low to the ground bushes and she figured out to pick her own. It was too cute all you saw was her furry, wagging tail sticking out of the bush. My phone of course went dead before I could get video or a picture.

  8. Sandy Weinstein Reply

    i have 3 miniature schnauzer girls, 15 +, 8, and 7. Tressa and Harley are 1st cousins. they are so different in personalities however, people have a hard time telling them apart. Harley loves to sleep on top of me and my head. she likes to french kiss.

  9. Lady Shasta has started “telling” me when it is time to go to bed – she will go to the foot of the stairs going to the upstairs where my bedroom is and every few seconds will turn to look at me with her soulful eyes.

  10. We have two lab mixes that we adopted …they are brother and sister and both had some anxiety issues and needed a home. They are 3 now and doing so well! Buddy loves to sleep with a tennis ball or toy in his mouth! Always thinking of playing! Bella is such a sweet girl and loves to have her nose scratched!

  11. Marci Palumbo Reply

    My dog loves to sleep all day and chase the cat at night. Never knew a dog that was a night dog but Lucy is!

  12. My dog loves to ride in the car and will jump in at every opportunity.

  13. Donna Kozar Reply

    My dog can understand many words esp. walk, out, go, car, etc.

  14. I didn’t realize they made natural calming aids. I’ll definitely have to check those out!

  15. Angel knows how to do stuff that I have no idea how she learned.

    For example, the other day I was cooking something in the oven & put several ingredients in a pot on the stove but did not turn on the pot. I then went in the other room to do something else until the oven finished. Angel threw a fit until I came back to the kitchen & took the pot off the stove….I guess she was afraid I left it unattended!

  16. Kayla Lussier Reply

    My dog Myla brings me her food and water dish when they are empty. She is only 9 months old and has been doing it since she was 9 weeks old, without anyone teaching her to do it!

  17. My lab, Maveric, LOVEs squeaky toys. If toys don’t squeak, he won’t play with it. He loves the noise the toys makes…he doesn’t chew or tear them apart…just squeaks!

  18. Shea Lawhorn Reply

    Sadie will bring me a toy and howl at me to play with her.

  19. Courtney Stock Reply

    My dog is super fluffy! 🙂 and her tail is called the “feather duster”

  20. Natalie Hartmann Reply

    My dog is my alarm clock-wakes me up the same time every day!

  21. My dogs are in constant competition for attention. They get very jealous when one of them gets attention.

  22. Linda Szymoniak Reply

    I have three rescued Treeing Walker Coonhounds. All three came from different high-kill shelters in NC and SC. However, before they could be added to transport to come home to me (about 800 miles), they had to be out of the shelter for a minimum of two weeks. The same rescue friend, Lori J., temp fostered them for me before their transport. All at different times, so she only saw them one at a time. I love sharing photos of all three together with her, since it was only because of her help that they were able to get on transport to me. She loves seeing them all together.

  23. Kimberly O Reply

    I have 5 dogs – all special in their own way. Iris likes to sit on the couch like a human and watch TV. Thanks for the chance.

  24. Mandi Smith Reply

    she gives the best hugs and kisses to cheer me up when I am having a bad day

  25. Great food for my kitties. Casper’s for us already getting softer after 1 week

  26. Rose has so many toys, but she still loves to rough house by playing with my hands !

  27. I love Only Natural Pet! Both of our pups love their bully sticks, twists, and braids. I actually had to learn a bit more about resource guarding because bully twists were the only thing our one dog was having a hard time willingly obeying the “drop it” command for. He was like, “No mom. This bully twist is the best thing in the whole entire universe! Even though I stopped chewing, I just want to sit on my dog bed with this satisfying twist in my mouth!” Seriously! He loves them!

  28. I have 4 dogs and they push each other out of the way to be the one on my lap.

  29. My dog will lay on top of me and whimper softly until I wake up in the morning.

  30. Jamia Geer Reply

    Ozzie loves to play in water so much that when he is at doggie day care he makes the employees play with him when they are trying to clean.

  31. Amanda Lea Reply

    My fluffy guy only began to like car rides a couple yesrs ago in his old age!!

  32. Holly Helveston Reply

    My furbaby Taz likes to jump like a horse at me when he’s being cute so he can get more treats.

  33. My mom is known for naming the family pets (my cat’s name is Barkerman for example). We recently adopted a Dixie/chihuahua mix and his full name is Guppy Gupperson King of the Wild Frontier. The phone auto corrected it from Gupperson to Copper Sun so now we worship the mighty Copper Sun. (Barkerman was also auto corrected to Barcodeman lol, so that’s what he goes by).

  34. our dog bowie puts his hand on the table and makes a chewing motion with his mouth, to indicate he wants to be fed. LOL its hilarious

  35. Fun fact about our malamute, Jake: he cornered a runaway ferret in our yard early one morning. The little guy managed to slip out under the fence so we went looking for him, and found him, bleeding and trembling under a dumpster a block away. We got him out, into a box, and brought him home and nurtured him back to health. Believe it or not, after a year with him (no one ever claimed him, we posted ads for weeks) ….they are best friends!

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