CuBowl Copper Dog Bowl Giveaway

Disclaimer: I received Henry’s bowl in exchange for an Instagram post about the product, but I decided to post here as well and run a giveaway because I think the CuBowl is so cool! The CuBowl I am giving away is a second dish that they included to help spread the love.

You know the slime that can grow on your dog’s water dish? According to the experts at Vancouver startup CuBowl, this slime’s primary function is to “protect and glue microbes to the surface” and it has evolved “to be as hard to wash away as possible.” Gross, right? Consider that these microbes can be harmful bacteria, molds, and viruses — it’s almost enough to toss the water dish altogether. 

Enter CuBowl: a brand new water dish made of copper, a material with antimicrobial properties. According to CuBowl, copper is proven to kill 99.9% of certain bacteria and 99.9% of adenovirus within 2 hours of contact. Their website details petri dish tests as well as anecdotes and they claim that dogs prefer communal copper bowls over stainless steel and plastic. CuBowls are available in several sizes, as well as non-tip and traditional styles.

Oh, did I mention that they’re BEAUTIFUL?