July 2016


Puppies for President: Puppies Make Me Happy’s Campaign Gear

Disclaimer: Henry and I reached out to Puppies Make Me Happy and received the items in this post in exchange for a review and spotlight. All opinions are our own and do not represent Puppies Make Me Happy’s opinions (except for the interview questions).

With all of the politics in the news these days, you may be wishing for a candidate that shares your values. One that will stand by you through thick and thin. Do you value kisses, playtime, and naps? If so, California-based Puppies Make Me Happy has the solution: Puppies For President!

Pooch Perks Unboxing and Review: Alien Invasion! July 2016

Disclaimer: Henry and I are monthly reviewers for Pooch Perks and receive one Pampered Pooch Box each month in exchange for an honest review. We are also Pooch Perks affiliates and earn a small commission if a new plan is purchased via one of our links. We love Pooch Perks!

What’s that unidentified object flying in the sky? Is it a plane? A rogue dog turd? No it’s just this month’s Pooch Perks Alien Invasion box! Check out this month’s Pooch Perks Unboxing, and also score an exclusive discount!